Gina Hong’s choreography to Ciara’s “Body Party”.

They are getting. it.

Angela Karaseva’s choreography to Jeremih’s “All The Time” (via mywaydance).


Choreography to Rihanna’s “Loveeeeeee Song”

"Loveeeeeee Song" by Rihanna Choreography by David Danville


Ahhhh this choreo is SICKSICKSICK. Damn.  

"Red Lipstick" by Rihanna 

Dancing like this makes me keep Chris Brown songs on repeat. Conflicted.

Tastefully sensual choreography to Miguel’s “Girl With The Tattoo Enter.lewd”. It’s expressive, but natural too. I love it. I wish I could dance :’(

'Wet the Bed' choreography by Ian Eastwood. Lawd.

Choreography to Beyonce’s ‘Dance for You’. I don’t agree w. the top comments. I like the musicality of the choreography. If you notice, she does certain moves for certain lyrics and covers the snare and other parts of the songs, not just the BASS like EVERYONE ELSE. Refreshing.

Opaque  by  andbamnan