It irritates me to the highest degree when people want to feel some type of way- not even some, but multiples types of ways when you don’t respond positively to whatever they’ve presented to you. 

Being honest, vulnerable, putting yourself out there, what have you, because you think [whoever this is all being directed at] is going to respond positively & y’all will live happily ever after is simply wishful thinking. In addition, it’s also being honest & vulnerable for all the wrong reasons in my opinion.

If I am going to choose to be honest and vulnerable with someone it will be/is because I want to do this for myself. It’s like a gift without expecting anything in return. I’m not going to ever show a part of myself to someone because I want something in return (i.e. their acceptance, their happiness in return, feelings in return, blah blah).

I think alot of people, when it comes to interpersonal relationships (that means acquaintanceship, friendships, relationships, love) need to understand that if you’re going to give yourself to someone it must be out of free will- unconditional, without expectations- to me that is the purest way to live. That is the truest expression of love and care.

Opaque  by  andbamnan