I’ve been told by guys that I have this “good girl" image, and I’m always a little taken aback. Is that in comparison to the other girls you’ve talked to? I’m really baffled- why do I give this off? I can’t play the violin, or read books, or do my work? That means that I don’t do other things? It’s very interesting. People aren’t stock characters. Just because a girl likes to wear body-con dresses and bold makeup doesn’t make her more prone to be a “freak” or “easy” & just because she’s always “doing work” when you’re talking to her doesn’t make her a bookworm and means she only cares about her grades.

People are multifaceted, guys…right? One thing doesn’t decidedly ensure another, especially in this day and age when there’s so much more access to ideals and the liberty to be more liberal or progressive.

I also feel like alot of guys like this duality. Either she’s a “hoe" or a "housewife”, and any kind of in between or fluctuation between those two roles are only reserved for the privacy of y’all’s relationship or interaction, or what have you. I think it’s unfair. My sexuality, and how I express myself shouldn’t be solely for male consumption, public or private. This is something that has irked me for a while and I just felt the need to purge, haha. 

Opaque  by  andbamnan