~   C.S. Lewis
~   Katharine Hepburn
~   Louis de Bernieres.
~   Eartha Kitt

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The question I’m most often asked is actually not really about me. It’s about the man I love.

Is he gay now that he loves you?

Aaron’s identity comes into question at nearly every panel, every speech, every event we attend together. Our love is considered revolutionary - not because…


What is your stand on love and marriage? According to Buddhism nothing is permanent so why get married? And considering how many relationships fall apart and how many people fall out of love, it seems to be pretty pointless.

Tumblr user "wordslessspoken":

If you want to share your life with a partner in a marriage commitment, then do so, but don’t go into a marriage expecting it to make you happy or fix you when nothing else has up to this point. Making you happy is a terrible burden to place on someone that you supposedly love, but imagine the joy and shared happiness that could come from mutual respect and selfless exchange of compassion and nurture.
~   Rumi.
~   One Tree Hill.
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